Replica of A Sash Worn by

George Washington



Carol James is a Winnipeg textile artist who currently works mainly in sprang, a heritage technique that is enjoying a revival, thanks, in large part, to Carol’s scholarly efforts to bring wider exposure to it.

In the Spring of 2013 she completed a replica of the Braddock Sash, worn by George Washington. that was created in sprang. The original sash is preserved in Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Museum near Alexandria, Virginia.


In Carol’s words:

“The Braddock Sash replica project began while I was researching sprang and exploring the technique for my book, “Sprang Unsprung”.

Peter Collingwood’s book, “Techniques of Sprang”, includes a black and white plate of a piece that he says is George Washington’s sash, and since I wanted to include in my book images of sprang from North America, this seemed perfect.

I contacted the curator of George Washington’s Mount Vernon in this regard, and being unaware that Washington had owned several sashes, I was surprised when the photo they sent me featured a sash that was different from the one in the Collingwood book. I was delighted to learn that this particular sash has a very interesting story.

My initial inquiries were met with hesitation, due to the age of the sash and its delicate nature. Conditions that protect the sash also restrict access to it, and this was the beginning of the idea to create a replica, enhancing public access.  The curators at George Washington’s Mount Vernon accorded me two days to examine the sash in detail.

From the detailed notes I made during that visit, I have now created an exact replica of the original sash.

Note: These photos were taken by Winnipeg photographer, Chris Black.  Additional information on Carol James’ work is available on her website,

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