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Teachers will find the following programs of interest for their students.  In addition, be sure to check out the activities for students in “Hands On”, MCML’s exhibit in the Virtual Museum of Canada.


Junior Curatorssuitable for grade 2+

Have you ever wondered about what goes on behind the changing exhibits of a museum, or how a museum organizes and handles its collection? Have you ever wanted to examine artifacts up close or mount your own exhibition? Do you want to learn more about craft and its ties to Manitoba’s heritage?

The Junior Curators program provides students with the opportunity to explore various aspects of Manitoba’s material heritage through fun hands-on activities aimed at engaging them also in the basics of museum practice, including collections management and exhibition creation. Without leaving the comfort of your own classroom, you can have a museum educator from the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library present a selection of important cultural, artistic, and historic artifacts from the museum collection. Students will learn to handle, care for, catalogue, and label these artifacts. Learn what material culture can tell you about the world you live in, both past and present. Several different presentation topics are available, such as Life on a Quarter Section, Natural Inspirations, and Fun with Textiles.

$15 – written program only
$100 – museum visit, recommended (3 hrs)


Visualizing Ourselves: The Manitoba Samplersuitable for grades 3+

The Manitoba Sampler program encourages students to discover how communities “visualize themselves.”

Using this one-of-a-kind embroidered map, students can travel across Manitoba and explore what makes our Province unique. From natural history to industry, the Manitoba Sampler showcases the symbols we use to represent diverse ways of life.

Students will learn what makes their communities distinct and are encouraged to explore what symbols they would design to represent themselves or their families. Activities include a fun hands-on cross stitch project, featuring designs from the Sampler itself as well as a Design project in which students are “commissioned” by the Provincial Government to design a new symbol or logo reflecting their perceptions of life in Manitoba.

$15 – written program only
$3/student – embroidery activity supplies


Reading the Language of Tartan: The Manitoba Tartan suitable for grades 1+


Can you speak “Tartan”?

Tartans are similar to books, but instead of words, the craftsperson has used line and colour to tell the story. Since they were first created, tartans have told the tales of families and communities in Scotland, and now they tell the stories of Canadian provinces as well and the craftspeople who made them.

Discover what The Manitoba Tartan has to say about life in our province and create your own tartan story in this program designed to engage students in discussions of individual and communal identity and craft.   Students will be familiarized  with the symbolic language of colour and line.

$15 – written program only


Craft in Focus

The Craft in Focus series is designed to engage students of all ages in diverse craft practices that they might not otherwise have exposure to, and to encourage their appreciation of handmade objects. Each program may be done independently by teachers or with support from MCML.

Craft in Focus: Embroidery on Paper – suitable for grades 2+

From sewing on a button, to fixing a rip in your pants, learning how to work with a needle and thread is a valuable skill. Needlework, however, can be used for fun and decoration as well as practicality. In this program students will learn how to embroider on paper to make a handmade greeting card.

$7.50 – written program only
$2.50/student – activity supplies

Craft in Focus: Chalk Marbled Origami Boxes –  suitable for grades 2+

Paper is something we use everyday, though how often do we really pay attention to it? Paper crafts are a great way to reconnect with this vital resource. In this program students will learn how to make origami boxes using their own hand-designed chalk marbled paper.

$7.50 – written program only
$2.50/student – activity supplies

Other Programs

Museum Staff Visit

MCML staff can visit to facilitate any of the above programs. Customized presentations are also available. It is possible for more than one class to participate in a session. Please contact us for details.

$100 per 3-hour session

Visit by a Craftsperson

A visit by a craftsperson is a unique opportunity to have students interact directly with a given craft. They gain special insight into the meaning and purpose of a particular craft and how it affects the lives of its practitioners.

Price varies, according each craftsperson’s fee. Please contact us for details.


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