“I Do” . . . We All Do







Craft comes to mind when a special thank-you gift is needed!

Wedding celebrations are wonderful occasions, and family members often travel great distances to share an important day with a happy couple.  Wanting to thank family members for their efforts to attend her wedding, Heather, a recent bride, came up with an original “crafty” idea!

Janet Carroll is an extraordinary artist, craftsperson and teacher in Winnipeg, and Heather had previously taken a workshop with Janet to learn bookbinding.  Specifically, she had learned the long-stitch binding method with Janet and was delighted with the beautiful book she completed in one session.

So she engaged Janet for a longstitch bookbinding workshop, held at Janet’s home/studio, for the female members of the family who were still in town on the Monday following the Saturday wedding ceremony. Meantime, all of the family guys went off together to “do their thing” for the afternoon.

It was a fun and productive afternoon, and each of the workshop participants went away happy with what they had learned and with a beautiful hand-crafted book. Some of the books have been used as albums for pictures from the wedding celebrations, others as journals.

The workshop with Janet Carroll was comfortable and intimate and provided quality family visiting time in addition to the sense of accomplishment at creating something that is beautiful, useful, and made by hand!  Oh, yes – Janet had thoughtfully even provided tea and cookies when the session wrapped up.


After saying, “I do” at her wedding, Heather’s gift of appreciation, “we all do”, was a creative and meaningful one  for her wedding guests.




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