Current Projects at MCML

Collections Work

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library is continually improving collections documentation and storage conditions. In 2010, a full inventory was completed. The textile boxes were upgraded, and organization within the boxes was improved, dust/water shields were replaced, and un-numbered collections were catalogued.  In 2011, 1200-1500 digital images of items in the collections were added to the database.

Resource List / Database

Since 2007, MCML has been compiling a resource list of Manitoba people, places, websites, libraries, stores, and businesses that support craft.

Audience Development

In 2009 MCML launched an Audience Development project to increase membership, visitation and general public awareness.

Oral History

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library has been recording the personal stories and the voices of the former members of the Crafts Guild of Manitoba. This project was expanded recently to include video as well as audio and is being continued with additional interviews.

Click on the names below to view video clips from some of our oral history interviews:

Amanda Jordan
Brigitte Judy
Delza Marilyn

Videos of these and other complete oral history interviews are available in the Library of the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library.


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