Crafting the
Prairie Pirate Demi-Toque


As Winnipeg sailor, Jordan Crowley, pursued her sailing dreams in Australia in the Winter of 2011, another of this talented young woman’s skills, crocheting, created some excitement along the way.

Jordan introduced the Prairie Pirate demi-toque to her sailing team members in Australia.  The demi-toque is headgear very appropriate to winter sailing. She reported that there was a buzz around the bay in Melbourne about this colourful handcrafted addition to winter sailing gear “down under”!

Jordan Crowley

In Jordan’s words, from emails to her family:

The name, “demi-toque”, came about on New Years in 2002 as I was looking for something different from “headband”.

Prairie Pirate demi-toques are crocheted out of whatever yarn I have, usually acrylic, because it’s cheapest. I’d much prefer to work with wool, and I think I may splurge for my next big ocean event!

Gram taught me how to crochet a long time ago, and now I just play around with the stitches to get what I want. I don’t use a pattern; I just make whatever I want at the time! Lately I’ve been inspired by 90s ski-wear.  Switching colours is the hardest part, but after doing the tiger demi-toques, where I was switching colours ALL THE TIME, I’m pretty good at it.

I’ve actually organized a craft group that meets weekly on Tuesdays here in Melbourne. It is called ‘Mardi Craft’, which, when said with an Aussie accent, sounds just like Mardi Gras. We like to think of it as the modern book club… really, the main reason you go is for the wine and food! I am teaching the group to crochet, since everyone is really getting into the demi-toques and they want to be able to make their own.

Go, Jordan!! Sailing and crafting – we think you’ve got a winning combination!



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